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Patch Management

We can guarantee full delivery of a successful patch management strategy for your organisation.

It is very common fact that the most of software security exploitations are executed through known vulnerabilities for which there are patches available, therefore it is crucial to have a robust path management policy in place in order to keep your systems secure, up to date and enhance their performance. By adopting our strategy can proactively deliver the necessary security and update patches throughout your business.

Patch implementation for many pieces of software may impact the business operations and this is the main reason that a patch management can be a specific service handled by experts who will setup a plan for patch management policies in order to allow the organisation to continue use their software with confidence that is up-to-date, available and secure.
RESULCO establishes a best practice ITIL based approach to patch management services across a range of IT platforms, including but not limited to Windows, Linux operating systems and other environments.