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Our Service Delivery Approach

1. Understand your business.
We recognize our success depends on accomplishing cost-effective, realistic results for our clients. Consequently, we will make every effort to comprehend the business requirements at all times.

2. Recognize your needs.

At all times, we will pursue to fully comprehend what your needs are, what you expect from us and when you expect it. If we feel that alternative service provider is in a better position to meet your requirements or expectations, we will communicate this to you and help you find the best resource for your needs.

3. Respond promptly to your communications.

We will respond to your phone calls and e-mails as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, every client has a diverse meaning of "responsiveness." Our Consultants and staff will go out of their way to understand how you define the term, and will then make every effort to meet or exceed your expectations.

4. Set and meet deadlines regarding the completion of your work.

We will seek to understand your schedule for getting projects done, set precise deadlines for getting work back to you and then meet or beat those deadlines. If we ever feel that your timetable will compromise our capability to provide you with a quality work assignment, we will convey this to you and work with you to find a way to meet your needs.

5. Cost-effective Management of Assignment

Our objective when providing you with a service is not to bill hours; rather, it is to help you resolve your technical-related business requirements as quickly, as successfully and as cost-effectively as possible. This may involve having different partners, associates, or staff within the firm or externally work on your assignments.

6. Resolve your concerns.

At RESULCO, we believe in the value of our work delivered and the quality of the services that we provide our clients. As a client of our firm – and the only party whose evaluation of our work matters to us – these Client Service Standards reflect our commitment to you to put your needs first.