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End Point Protection

SecureAnywhere With Innovation

We can help organisation to secure their network from the daily growing challenges by offering central endpoint protection technologies for desktops, servers, mail systems, mobile devices and networks against viruses, spyware, key loggers, Trojans, SPAM, and any other threats or non-authorised programs which can compromise network security.

Each technology has its own requirements, strengths and weaknesses and each organisation has different needs and for the security of their end points, therefore we conduct an organisation assessment to identify the need and proceed with the selection, design and deployment of the most cost effective solution offering industry leading and proven technologies for our client.
We have deep knowledge and experience with the world leading vendor Webroot which has been carefully evaluated and selected by RESULCO.

Summary of Solution Benefits

  • Extremely fast and easy to deploy
  • Best protection against known and unknown malware
  • Doesn't slow down PCs or hinder user productivity
  • Always up-to-date and protected
  • Easy to manage
  • Online and offline protection

EPP Summary


real-time protection

Real-time Protection from Malware Infection

offline protection

Significant Offline Protection


Webroot is internationally recognized for providing top-rated Internet security software and solutions, with outstanding antivirus reviews and awards from respected third-party media around the world.

You may want to read the latest for Webroot award by antivirus comparative on performance test.

infections performance management complexity
Prevent Breaches & Infections Improve Performance & Productivity Minimize Management Complexity
risks support
Reduce Operational Risks End Abysmal Support