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ACSI is a new service powered by RESULCO that provides a 3 Day assessment against your company's network. Request for a security test to your network infrastructure and take your business to the next level.

How Secure are you?

Securing an enterprise demands proactive and constant vigilance by the right people with the right expertise so you can focus on what is important, driving business value and protecting your most important assets. No matter how large or small your company is, you need to ensure the security of your information assets. Data theft, hacker attacks, disgruntled or dishonest employees, and industrial espionage are just some of the threats targeting your business.




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 How we assess?

RESULCO's experts are fully qualified and highly experienced. They use the latest tools and techniques which are globally accepted for ethical hacking. They correspond effectively to the permanently increasing requirements in the area of Information Security.

Our Valid Proposition?
Pioneer in Integration and Security of Information Systems, the company's philosophy is to foresee cliental needs and contribute innovative solutions by taking advantage of its specialized staff. By applying advanced, cutting edge methods and techniques, such as ethical hacking, social engineering, computer forensics, network and physical assessments, and more sophisticated and complex methods, our consultants are capable to propose the best solutions for your company's security improvement.

How we Secure?
One of our most competitive services Automated Cyber Security Investigation helps to identify how vulnerable is a company’s IT infrastructure to external threats. Within 3 Days ACSI can serve as a wakeup call by simulating the most advanced Ethical hacking & Industrial Espionage techniques.