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Disaster Recovery Planning

Prepare your IT Infrastructure for Disaster and Expect the Unexpected

IT infrastructure enables the organisations to run their businesses. Any unexpected event that leads to the interruption and unavailability of the IT infrastructure means the effective interruption of the organisation operations.

The key to survive IT in case of the unexpected is the Disaster Recovery (DR) plan which provides a structured approach for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten an IT infrastructure including hardware and software components but also personnel. It is the main part of the business continuity plan (BCP) consists of defining rules, processes, and disciplines to ensure that the critical business processes will continue to function if there is a failure of one or more of the information processing resources

An effective DRP requires good planning, testing, and regular updating.
Resulco can help organisation to develop and implementation an effective DR Plan with the following characteristics

Project Treated

The DR plan as well as the BC Plan must be treated as project since it involves people, technology, and processes and as a project has clear scope and objectives and include the project attributes cost, quality and time for the cost to buy technology and resources, quality measures to achieve the RPOs & RTOs and time to implement and test the plan. Therefore, this project it is an important investment that requires management approval and on-going monitoring.

Data Focused

Following personnel, data is the most irreplaceable asset. Hardware components including networking, storage, telecommunication equipment and platforms can be replaced. However the loss of data means that there is no disaster recovery plan in place and obviously it is a failed attempt for business continuity.

Design Driven developed

The foundation of an effective DRP development is the clear understanding of business processes and their tasks, workflows and data. The business analysis will help to the systems and data classification in order to identify the critical assets for the business based on the organisation requirements and priorities which may include customer-related processes, compliance issues, internal and external requirements. Information asset inventory and documentation of the plan is a major task for the DR plan development.

Test driven implemented & maintained

The technology environment is constantly changing; therefore the DR plan must be implemented in a way that is feasible to test it on an on-going basis in order to remain effective be able to respond at least to the most common unwanted events.

 Disaster Recovery