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Data Backup Solutions

Continuous Backup for Your Business

Now more than ever, backing up your data is critical for your business continuity and future success. The most valuable asset for every computerised organization is their data. At RESULCO we offer a solid online data backup solution and the experience to safe your data offsite and guarantee your business continuity against any threats since you will have your latest data available and accessible from any location.

A loss of equipment could be replaced but a LOSS of DATA requires years to produce:

  • Clients’ data
  • Employees’ records
  • Financial records
  • Legal documents/proposals

RESULCO Online backup solution benefits

  • Save employee time for backing up, verifying backups, swapping media with our 100% automated backup procedure at non-peak business hours
  • Cost saving on backup media – CD/DVD, Tapes, USB, Hard Drives by saving your data on our secured servers
  • Ensure 100% data protection and availability as we replicate our infrastructure
  • Reduce risk for backup media when taken offsite unencrypted since we provide an encrypted and secure channel of communication and data restoration
  • Access and restore files from anywhere at any time
  • Easy to maintain and monitor
  • No hardware requirements

We can setup your critical business data backup in minutes

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