[CyberSecurity Services]

Our CyberSecurity Consulting Services provide you with in-depth information of your security management with assessments of your sensitive data, critical infrastructures and applications. We work with you to outline and instrument the correct approach in addressing Cyber Threats.

[Next Generation Penetration Testing]

By means of concrete tools, strategies and procedures applied by the adversaries, we conduct a simulated attack in order to compromise your organization and then deliver recommendations on how you can advance your security.

[ CyberInsurance Services ]

An all-inclusive cyber insurance provided internationally and made-to-order to your company's risk profile

[Response Services]

Our incident response team fast-tracks remediation cycle by providing the most complete interpretation into attacker activity so you can recommence business operations quicker.

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[Managed Security Services]

Our managed security services provide continuous monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and cloud anti-virus services.

[Computer Forensics]

Our computer forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is unnoticed and assist at any phase of an examination or litigation, irrespective of the number or location of data sources.

[Privacy & Data Protection ]

Our Privacy and Data Protection services are embraced of an organic team of attorneys and Cyber Experts with litigation, regulatory, technology and compliance experience.  We help our clients steer efficiently the rapidly developing and challenging privacy law landscape

Enhanced CyberSecurity & Compliance 
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We are a boutique CyberSecurity and Risk Management consulting firm leveraging on industry insights, delivering cost-effective risk solutions and active intrusion remediation_


Replace disparate governance and compliance functions with an integrated set of services that include the technology and resources required to sustain the underlying processes.


[ RESULCO is dynamic organization specializing in Enterprise Security and IT Solutions providing innovative services within the IT sphere ]